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The Great Amnesia

How we became slaves to oil


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Oil really is the root of all evil


Take oil and petroleum out of the energy equation and replace it with a locally produced, locally controlled, ecological, economical, renewable resource and what happens?

95% of the world's structural problems melt away.

No more oil wars. No more money leaving our country by the hundreds of billions. No more ecological devastation related to fuel production. Greatly reduced carcinogens.

But oil is necessary for our lifestyle, right?

If it's not, how did we get hooked on oil in the first place?

History tells us the US went from whale oil to kerosene for lamps courtesy of the ingenuity of John Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

It also tells us that gasoline and diesel made from oil and was the only practical source of fuel for motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses and tractors.) Still is, so they say.

But think about something for a moment.

Prohibition was the total ban on alcohol manufacturing in the US from 1919 to 1933.

We accept it as a force of nature and never examine it.

The US is a hard drinking nation. Always has been and back when this ban was put in place it was far more so. The people who put Prohibition in place were men, most of whom were serious drinkers themselves.

Are we to believe that these 1919-era men were led and controlled a group of 1919-era church ladies?

Does that make any sense?

Is it a coincidence that the ban of alcohol production took place just as the fledgling auto industry was gaining traction and alcohol was the obvious and superior choice for fuel?

And was only lifted after the local alcohol-for-fuel infrastructure was completely destroyed, forgotten and supplanted by oil industry giants?

Am I saying that the last 90 years of the economic, political, and ecological rape of the world by oil companies has been a total con job, enforced with violence and supported by generations of corrupt politicians (Cheney, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Nixon, and on and on it goes.)

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

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