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Bad guys:


A little slice of corruption (04:33)

A Second Look At Psychopaths (7:00)

A window into the world of espionage and murder (6:15)

Behind the dirty soccer curtain (45:24)

CIA's Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up (14:56)

Cop-Think (03:28)

Dick Cheney tells us another 9/11 is coming (1:27)

Double Crossed (8:04)

Double Crossed (8:04)

Dr Oz, the pharmaceutical industry's frontman? (02:38)

Drug cartels go into the oil business (20:49)

Election fraudster silenced - the hard way (09:24) NEW!

Federal horse thieves (Part One) (00:08:11)

From the good folks at Comcast (01:46)

Fun and games in Oakland (2:53)

Greece failing under crippling debt (10:25)

Hero JPMorgan whistleblower goes public (9:26)

How the Bush family stole the 2000 election (01:26) NEW!

How the news media controls us (7:29)

I don't approve (1:08)

"I'm going to light you up" (15:36)

ISIS: Terrorist flavor of the month (17:50)

Killing Africans with Pop Star Kindness (11:22)

Meet the Anti-Islamic hate groups of Europe (8:16)

One man's war against the CIA (27:57)

Operation Gladio and false flag terror (3:18)

Psychopaths at the top (15:30)

Race and murder by cop (08:45)

Repressive laws multiply (38:27)

"Rev" Al Sharpton: FBI Rat (9:03)

Secretary of State doubts JFK story (7:18)

Student Loan Screw Job (6:06)

The corporate giants behind Hitler (04:03)

The criminals who run CNN (02:47)

The curious case of the CIA & Amazon (5:40)

The disaster of putting cops in schools (01:09)

The missing dictator game (7:13)

The no-go zones" myth lives on (4:49)

The Psychopath Test (4:22)

The real story behind "don't tase me bro" (02:11)

The reality of US elections (02:52) NEW!

The torture legacy (11:57)

Tracking down the bad guys (4:00)

Traitors? GOP Senators declare their own foreign policy (10:10)

What happens when the govt goes into the pot business? (06:57)

What really happened when Reagan took office (14:20)

“Ecological expert” gets caught outright lying in interview (1:07)

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