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The missing dictator game

Osama, Hussein, Gaddaffi...Hitler?


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Demonizing the figurehead


Have you noticed that US-supportd boogie-men seem to often die under-less-than-clear circumstances and when it's time for them to run, they seem to be given a long leash.

Osama (former CIA ally) disappeared for years...Hussein (former CIA ally) disappeared for many months. Lots of legitimate questions about who was actually killed when they were killed.

Now the Mexico says it has captured Mr. Big of the drug business who's been running around free for years.

What about Adolph Hitler who was openly admired by Henry Ford and funded by the Rockefellers and fueled by Standard Oil?

Who knows, but now we do know the US embraced THOUSANDS of Nazi operatives worldwide after the war, who, lo and behold were employed by...drum roll please...the CIA.

No need to look for missing Nazis in South America. Most of them were comfortably employed by the US government and government-friendly corporations.

Smoke and mirrors folks, smoke and mirrors.

The US Department of Justice and its Nazi buddies

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