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Fun and games in Oakland

The reality of "police response"


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Let's hope this doesn't spread


Here's a dose of reality...

When they are informed, prepare well in advance and use overwhelming force, police can almost operate effectively.

You know, beating non-violent protesters and raiding the homes of families that might have marijuana (assuming they get the address right.)

But when it comes to dealing with what's really out there "mano a mano", it's advantage criminals. Overwhelmingly.

The only thing that "keeps us safe" is that fact that an overwhelming percentage of the population is peaceful and even criminals keep things to a reasonable level.

But those percentages can change.

Note: In NYC cops have already completely lost control of the roadways. The only thing that prevents total mayhem is a lack of ambition on the part of the bad guys. They only come out and assert their real control occasionally.

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