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FBI discovers assassination plot against
members of Occupy, does nothing

Occupy movement called ‘terrorists’ by
FBI and Homeland Security


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FBI sits on its hands after plot to kill
Occupy members discovered


The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, a human rights civil advocacy organization, recently requested information regarding the Occupy movement and the role of the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Although the government released documents to the civil rights group, the documents were heavily redacted. However, what was salient and what was shown in the FOIA documents was how the FBI discovered a plan to use snipers in Dallas and Houston, Texas to assassinate Occupy leaders.

The name of the group looking to assassinate members of Occupy was edited from the FOIA documents, but what remained clear is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation knew about the planned sniper attacks and did nothing.

Why weren’t members of the assassination team arrested? What was the role of the FBI in this plot? What group or groups were responsible?

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