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About the massacres in Syria (10:17) NEW!

"American Blackout" (1:27:44)

Bill O'Reilly: Murdoch creation (7:38)

"Bizarre" star discovered (04:24)

Buy, Buy an American Pie (4:00)

"Channel compassion in a proper direction" (6:57)

Chicago police operates "black site" (02:58)

Drudge and Alex Jones on the Internet's future (46:29)

Ecological holocaust (1:31)

Edward Bernays: War Monger (5:02)

Fairy tales from an Evil Empire (10:00)

Fighting Food Fascism (7:23)

Flashback: When Bush Sr. lost it (02:24)

Glenn Beck Show: A FBI/CIA Annex? (13:15)

Glenn Beck's crocodile tears (03:27)

GM murders 124 people - and walks (10:41)

Good Ol' Shoe (4:47)

Government Lying 101 (02:13)

Granddad Bush: Nazi buddy (04:39)

How Christmas as we know it came to be (12:37)

How electronic voting became law (01:53)

How Fox sold Bovine Growth Formula (10:00)

How It All Works - Part One (8:05)

How Monsanto kills the news (10:00)

How the government and media really work (3:14)

How the news media controls us (7:29)

How the US/UK learned to control minds (13:49)

How to buy a “Get out of jail free” card (23:17)

How to create a dangerous enemy (3:11)

How to make a candidate disappear (4:19)

Immigration reality (06:08)

In spite of it all... (01:21)

Interview of Palestinian Ambassador to the UN (14:25)

Iran: The question no one is asking (04:32)

It takes a lot to get people to suck down poison (2:40)

Julian Assange not happy with new WikiLeaks film (5:01)

"Kill all whistle blowers" (1:00)

Killing Africans with Pop Star Kindness (11:22)

Let's remember, Iraq news has been a lie since Day #1 (5:10)

Lie of the century? (2:00)

Mama Bush (2:00)

Manufacturing the news and other fads (4:47)

"No guns for Negroes" (20:38)

Noam Chomsky on the presidential circus (25:54)

Nuclear waste (02:34)

Pentagon idiocy writ large (01:33)

Propaganda Inc. (30:18)

Reality TV, celebrity culture and other mental illnesses (6:53)

RoboCop? No, just the news in 2013 (2:21)

Saint or slave driver? (13:33)

Sandy Hook: The Gun Range Myth and other media-created fantasies (10:01)

Spin doctor: "There ain't no war but ours" (3:10)

"Spin" by Brian Springer (57:26)

Sterilized against their will (2:25)

Tell the truth - get taken to a psych ward (06:31)

The criminal idiots who run our schools (10:08)

The growing web "troll" industry (7:33)

The Libya story is total BS (5:00)

The Media is Controlled (1:35)

The new purpose of higher education (02:14:16)

The pathology of power (23:38)

The power of group brainwashing (5:55)

The real purpose of the mass internment of Japanese Americans during WW II (07:34)

The real student loan scam (03:50) NEW!

The REAL WikiLeaks film (50:55)

The trade war against the the US (10:00)

"The ugliest economic data I've ever seen" (27:18)

Thriving on death and destruction (06:30)

"Torches of Freedom" (4:46)

Trump: "Bush knew 9/11 was coming" (00:52)

Unwrapping the Bush dynasty (01:00:11)

US losing the propaganda war? (5:00)

US wants Free Access to your PC (4:05)

Vietnam War: 50th anniversary whitewash (12:31)

Wagging the Dog (4:03)

War on terror: 12 years down, 20 to go (11:11)

War: The last Ponzi scheme (30:00)

Weird staged ISIS videos (11:49)

What immigration means to the US (09:31)

What was the Pope up to when he was in Argentina? (15:14)

Where the Flight 370 Psyps people got the idea (3:32)

Where trolls come from (5:27)

Who resisted the Nazis . . . (45:30)

"Why Albania?" (3:11)

Why do we take the Vatican's theatrics so seriously? (18:30)

Working Class Hero (3:52)

"Yeah, we messed up" (11:50)

Yes, books are banned in the US (12:48)

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