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The '68 Chicago riots were POLICE riots

Peaceful protestors savagely beaten


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An epic beat down administered by uniformed thugs


The epically corrupt US news media goes on and on about their "fear" of another "1968 convention riot."

What they fail to mention is the truth of the matter...

The people in the streets of Chicago had a simple mission: to protest the dirty backroom dealings of the Democratic Party which were giving pro-war tool Hubert Humphrey the nomination when the people's choice was anti-war Eugene McCarthy.

The protest may have been annoying and disruptive, but it was peaceful.

Then the Chicago police - little more than thugs in police uniforms - were called in and they did what they do so well: brutalize unarmed, nonthreatening people.

How many US servicemen were killed and permanently disabled after 1968?

How many hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians were killed?

How many billions of dollars that could have gone to education, health care, research, and infrastructure were wasted?

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