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The Bill and Hillary Show

Meet the Arkansas Development Finance Authority


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Bill ran the show, Hillary ran the books


I guess we have to be the first news outlet on the planet to point out the obvious:

The fraudulent Clinton Foundation is just a re-tooling of the fraudulent Arkansas Development Finance Authority which the Clintons - BOTH
of them - operated in the 1980s.

They both should have been in jail for that one too.

Instead, just as Hillary is being canonized by the news media now, Bill was given a "free pass" and ushered into the White House where be proceeded to dismantle the country.

How did the Arkansas Development Finance Authority work?

Step One: The Clintons created the Arkansas Development Finance Authority with the help of the Rose Law Firm where Hillary worked

Step Two: They sold the Authority to the public as a vehicle to raise money for churches and schools

Step Three: They worked with NYC banks like Goldman Sachs to issue municipal bonds to fund the Authority

Step Four: Instead of using it as promised, they used the money raised to reward friends and bribe others

Step Five: The accounting was fraudulent

Step Six: When they were caught, the Rose Law Firm went into massive shredding mode

Step Seven: The news media declined to investigate or explain the situation to the public adequately and then proceeded to usher Bill into the White House.

Sound familiar?

2016 is an instant replay of 1992.

Yet the idiot news media can't make these very simple connections.

Here's an even more frightening thought:

Bill Clinton opened the doors to historically unprecedented Wall Street fraud, mass incarceration such that 25% of the entire world's prison population is in US jails, trade "deals" that have beggared US workers and endless military involvements around the world.

With this as her starting place, what is Hillary going to do to the country?

One last thing...

Ever since 1980, there has been a Bush or a Bush-associate in the White House. (Obama continued most of Bush Jrs policies. Bush Jr. called Bill Clinton "the fourth brother.")

Hillary Clinton will extend this 36 year run at least another four years to make it an even forty.

If you feel you need to vote for her to keep Trump out, just make sure you are clear about what you are voting for.

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