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Campaign 2016


A close look at Trump (21:54)

A crack in the armor (15:32)

A decent candidate for president? (06:10)

A slush fund for grifters (05:43)

At least we got rid of Jeb (08:13)

Brave woman assassinated by Hilary's friends in Honduras (14:52)

California election fraud coming undone (09:04)

Chomsky explains Trump (03:33)

Clinton more corrupt than you can imagine (16:27)

Donald the dodger (05:21)

Donald Trump (11:59)

Election fraud season (06:54)

Election fraud USA (06:38)

Establishment running scared of Bernie Sanders? (10:47)

George Bush is Jeb Bush's military advisor? (06:39)

Hilary Clinton - Advocate FOR rapists (11:49)

Hillary in action (12:57)

Hillary plays the woman card (03:09)

Hillary's emails will be revealed - in 75 years (01:39)

Hillary, Saudi Arabia and ISIS (04:45)

How Bernie can win (07:51)

How big money destroys potential candidates early (6:32)

How Hillary will become president (03:22)

Is Hillary fit? (02:41)

It's Election Day USA (11:12)

It's very cozy at the top (18:10)

Just say "No" to Hillary (12:28)

Meet the Double Government (25:46)

More on the NY election fraud (07:50)

Nader, Clinton, Sanders (06:03)

"Normal is getting away from us" (26:35)

Rachel Maddow - Democratic operative (10:36)

Ron Paul's new - and ignored - anti-war book (18:15)

Saudis: "We pay Hillary's bills" (01:51)

"Save us" (02:42)

Scenes from the Democratic convention (04:16)

Skewering Hillary (07:01)

Ted Cruz is running for president, letís see how crazy he is (6:55)

The Big Picture (47:29)

The Bill and Hillary Show (10:25)

The Clintons in Haiti (32:47)

The Clintons: It's deja vu all over again (02:41)

The day after the election (01:03:16)

The evolution of election fraud (13:52)

The mystery of Ted Cruz (07:41)

The news media's pathetic support for Hillary Clinton (10:35)

The root of all evil... (07:15)

The sleaze behind Trump Tower (05:02)

Trump - The numbers (03:30)

Trump is Clinton (03:41)

Trump is not the problem (07:59)

Trump, Clinton, or sanity (36:24)

Two parties: Same script (04:14)

Updates on the clown car 2016 election (03:48)

What Bernie is saying now (27:54)

What's behind the 2016 Campaign chaos? (13:06)

What's up with Hillary? (27:08)

What's wrong with Hillary? (00:42)

Who the f*&^ is Ted Cruz? (13:22)

Why people vote for Trump (04:28)

Why presidential debates fail every time (07:15)

Why the war mongers love Hillary (15:05)

Wikileaks source killed? (02:03)

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