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Banking Bad: The Death Certificate pt.1

Program length - 7:31


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Banking Bad Documentary Series


 Banking Bad Documentary Series

 At first this borrower gave Bank of America the benefit of the doubt, thinking that the request was surely a mistake.  He immediately contacted the bank to inform them, not only was he still alive, but he was the only borrower on the loan which he was seeking a modification for.  Through several phone calls, letter correspondences, and emails, the loan manager said he would take care of the erroneous request and report it to his manager, who then reported it to her supervisor.  But a couple of weeks later Bank of America denied sending the letter saying it had disappeared from the system and went as far as asking the borrower to send the letter back to them in order to "prove" they had sent the letter in the first place.  This is when the borrower realized he was being misdirected and clearly the bank was up to something more diabolical.  After more than a month of back and forth with the bank and getting nowhere the borrower received a new letter requesting not only the death certificate once again, but also a statement of death benefits.

"The Death Certificate Part 1," includes actual scans of letters from Bank of America claiming to "need" the Death Certificate of a living borrower to complete his home loan modification.  The director sought to find an entertaining method to highlight the ridiculously morbid request from the bank.  More importantly, the "Banking Bad" documentary video series seems to be addressing an entire nation caught in a financial crisis, due in large to these types of lending practices

Banking Bad

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