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'Affluenza', the new excuse for crime
(if you're rich)

A made-up disease gives an idiot judge
a way to take early retirement


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Mind boggling


Judge Jean Boyd...She's retiring.

I wonder why.

She has "no comment."

The father of the criminal whose actions killed four people said he will pay $450,000 to have his son "treated."

I wonder who else he's paying? I'm amazed that no one has asked this question.

Is Judge Jean Boyd a soft-hearted person?

Not at all. If you're poor, you get hard time.

Two years ago she sentenced a 14-year-old black boy to ten years for a single punch that resulted in the death of another person. The victim hit his head on the curb when he fell down after the battery. A serious crime with serious consequences to be sure, but where was the mercy in this case?

My guarantee: Jean Boyd is now financially set for life.


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