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Judicial corruption:


'Affluenza', the new excuse for crime (if you're rich) (7:56)

A close look at the Cosby accusers and their stories (27:18)

Abolish family court (15:33)

Airports are Constitution-free zones (6:03)

Authorities kill farm pigs in Michigan (7:09)

Corporate Personhood (8:18)

Crime against justice: Ferguson prosecutor sued (3:03)

Divorce and custody is big business (05:52)

Health Care Reform Will Not Be Televised (3:22)

Home bible studies illegal in America (2:58)

Homeowner arrested and strip-searched for home siding violation (3:38)

Jailing American kids for profit (04:23)

Jailing kids for profit (4:24)

Judges Lock-Up Kids For Cash (7:48)

Mass surveillance and control (6:25)

President Kills U.S. Citizen (3:53)

Private prisons, a recession resistant investment opportunity (7:54)

Scenes from the Family Court gulag (09:24)

Straight talk about race in America (1:56)

Strip searches could become as common as Miranda Rights (3:49)

The cut, burn, and drug school of medicine (2:37)

The Invisible American Workforce (47:58)

The most anti-Constitutional justice in the history of the Supreme Court (03:59)

The Supreme Court and it's recent Habeas Corpus ruling (7:31)

When the people form their OWN grand jury (8:45)

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