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The CIA/Drug Dealer Alliance

Not a conspiracy theory, history


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"The CIA betrayed us"


Robert Bonner, then head of the DEA, went on the record with 60 Minutes to declare that the CIA had joined forces with the Venezuelan National Guard to illegally smuggle drugs into the U.S. On top of that, Michael Levine, former DEA agent, confirms that he was stopped from carrying out numerous drug busts, because the culprits were U.S. allies in the Vietnam war.

So, the CIA protected those who supported an immoral war that killed tens of thousands of Americans and countless Vietnamese, while simultaneously allowing them to traffic cocaine to the American people (sometimes in dead American soldiers body bags - is there no end to their lack of respect for us?), with no regard for public health or safety.

Who, exactly, were they trying to help? Because it was not the American people.

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