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America's Murder Inc. (02:49)

CIA: Cocaine Import Agency (21:11)

A "recovering" CIA officer explains the reality of the Shadow Government (55:27)

A long chat with a "spook" (38:42)

All American Terrorism: The CIA (8:49)

Another unsolved DC murder (48:45)

Behind the curtain of the CIA (44:25)

Behind the scenes of CIA torture (25:01)

Blowing America's Mind (41:22)

Blowing the whistle on CIA involvement in drug dealing (5:31)

Boiling the frog (08:49)

Bribed to betray the people (13:21)

Charles Manson - CIA study subject (09:11)

Chomsky handles fascist William Buckley (14:46)

CIA illegally involved with US politics (4:00)

CIA insider explains what's wrong with intelligence agencies (10:57)

CIA spied on Congress and lied about it (4:05)

CIA torture manager sails through confirmation hearings (04:40)

CIA-induced heart attacks (02:42)

CIA: We want to spy on you all the time (05:51)

Connecting the dots: Crack, Contras, and the CIA (25:55)

Democrips & Rebloodlicans on the loose! (13:44)

Did the CIA kill this Hollywood screenwriter? (7:27)

Enemy of the State Created by the State (01:27:22)

Engineering history (19:27)

Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick (3:27:56)

Fake news - CIA style (26:00)

Gangsters at work (9:08)

George Bush Sr and his "mad dogs" (54:14)

How the CIA finds its minions (22:01)

In the shadowy, strange world of the CIA (45:42)

It's time to shut down the DEA (06:16)

LSD, the CIA and Big Banks (01:22:47)

"Mayor Pete" - The CIA's candidate (30:24)

Nailing the lid down on the free flow of information (15:25)

Old school surveillance (06:01)

One man's war against the CIA (27:57)

Outsourcing torture (4:43)

Police detain man and murder him (06:24)

Psychological warfare (8:29)

Rand Paul says "No" to Obama's desire to kill US citizens without charge or trial (8:37)

Remembering Gary Webb (13:21)

Strange Immunity (54:29)

"That Bay of Pigs thing" (15:46)

The CIA - A Rockefeller creation (15:55)

The CIA and the Mafia: Old business pals (4:09)

The CIA cocaine pipeline to South Central LA (3:05)

The CIA takes the gloves off (09:08)

The CIA's greatest hits (08:01)

The CIA's Montreal Psych Lab (21:20)

The CIA's war on the mind (06:19)

The CIA-FBI-Clinton charity scam (28:21)

The CIA-visa fraud that preceded 9/11 (04:36)

The CIA/Drug Dealer Alliance (2:17)

The CIA: Founded and operated on torture (8:54)

The CIA: The US government's mafia (40:21)

The coming war with Iran (03:36)

The Curious Case of George White (42:29)

The curious case of the CIA & Amazon (5:40)

The Daily Threat Matrix (12:53)

The Deep State (1:18:34)

The endless US war on Cuba (12:34)

The intelligence coup in the US (01:53:57)

The invention of the phrase "conspiracy theorist" (11:38)

The misery of intelligence work (49:43)

The nuclear black market (17:06)

The Sinister Career of Sidney Gottlieb (01:08:08)

The Torture Biz (10:06)

The torture legacy (11:57)

The truth about Wikipedia (25:09)

The unbridled hostility of CNN on display (3:43)

The US covert war against Jamaica (08:18)

The US war against Cuba (04:25)

The USA and Murder Inc. (12:35)

The waterboarding whistleblower (16:47)

The worst of the worst: CIA uncovered (10:29)

Theodore Shackley And Company's Connection (41:54)

Top CIA torturer nominated by Trump to run the CIA (02:18)

Top universites aided CIA torturers (9:24)

Total invasion of the privacy of every person on the planet (53:18)

US commits war crime Poland gets the heat (2:47)

USAID dirty tricks in Cuba (5:06)

"Volunteer" for USAID (2:22)

What the Pentagon Papers were really all about (03:01)

When the CIA overturned Iran in 1953 (23:24)

When the cops worked with the Klan (02:56)

Where did America go wrong? (3:21)

Whistle blower journalist dead of "heart attack" (13:21)

Who are the Cuban Five? (7:15)

Who does the CIA work for? (01:30:41)

Who owns the biggest Charter School network in the US? (02:25)

Who runs the US? (17:30)

World class propaganda by the CIA (07:34)

"You can always trust the CIA" (06:46)

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