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Making billions from the opioid epidemic

Meet the Sackler family


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The family that pushes OxyContin


Deaths by opioid overdose have surpassed AIDS deaths at the peak of that epidemic.

There's one family that's made billions from this disaster.

The US news media has done a good job of keeping their names out of the news.

But Brasscheck is not a member of the mainstream news media.

Meet the Sackler family...

Richard Sackler, 71, moves among elite circles of scientists, researchers, and investors and rarely speaks at public events. Even photographs of him are difficult to find. The Sackler family, in general, has avoided public discussion of OxyContin or the drug’s role in helping hook Americans on opioids. The Purdue website makes little mention of Richard Sackler or other family members.

All of the company’s profits — totaling billions of dollars alone from OxyContin — go to Sackler family trusts and entities. Nine members of the family are on the Purdue board.

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