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Bad Medicine:


A friendly message from the Department of Veterans Affairs (2:00)

America's first monopoly (24:57)

DARPA's nightmare brain-chip program (38:13)

Disgusting vaccine push (2:08)

Drugging America into a stupor (1:34:43)

Drugging Kids - The effects (16:26)

Fraud and heart surgery (32:37)

How the medical monster came to be (6:11)

Making billions from the opioid epidemic (06:10)

"Mercury is good for you!" (0:39)

Reality check about doctors (04:09)

Resistance is futile (2:58)

Schools Drugging Kids in America (01:41:22)

Texas drops millions of doses of rabies by plane (4:00)

The new US health care program (1:42)

The truth about Lasik surgery (18:13)

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