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Election fraudster silenced - the hard way

Karl Rove's right hand man dead in a plane crash


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How did Karl Rove get away with this?


This is an "old" story from "way back" in 2008.

On election day 2008, Mike Connell, the computer mastermind behind the numerous election frauds run by Karl Rove, was in court ordered to testify before a judge about what he knew about the case.

A few days later, he died in a plane crash.

Welcome to real American history

You might ask yourself...How the heck was this not a massive national scandal that led to the investigation of Karl Rove and everyone associated with him including George Bush Jr.

Here's a hint:

Who is good at wiring planes to fail? Who had a massive financial incentive to keep the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and everywhere else) going without distraction?

The military-industrial complex had the motivation and also has plenty of operatives who can do such things quite easily.

An NST is "national security threat." When you're on the list, it's best not to fly your private plane or go on a hike in the woods alone because of your odds of getting home in one pieces are slim.


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