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Election Fraud in the USA


Banks show their teeth to Elizabeth Warren (5:20)

Blatant fraud uncovered in Maine GOP caucus (6:37)

California election fraud coming undone (09:04)

Computerized election fraud revealed by man who built it (6:00)

Congressman reveals the scam of Congress (2:58)

Crosscheck: The newest election fraud method (25:59)

Dead people receive ballots (10:07)

Destroying free and fair elections - state by state (6:02)

Do elections help? (08:53)

Dying for free elections (8:00)

Election fraud USA (06:38)

Election Fraud USA (26:59)

Election fraudster silenced - the hard way (09:24)

Election indignities (03:47)

Electronic election fraud (15:10)

Federal Election Committee head: We can't regulate elections (3:56)

FOX News anchors muse mindlessly over election fraud (1:34)

Here comes election fraud 2008 (5:00)

How Bush & Co. stole the 2004 election (50:25)

How we got George Bush (11:56)

How we got our president (9:28)

It's Election Day USA (11:12)

Let me vote, count my vote (12:17)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says President Obama's documents are not authentic (5:08)

Out-scamming the Clintons (6:39)

The art and science of legally stealing elections (10:58)

The evolution of election fraud (13:52)

The George Bush Joke (9:00)

The media war against Bernie (07:28)

Thousands of US citizens have never been given voting rights (13:13)

Vote Fraud (00:04:39)

Why the Republicans backed off last night (7:00)

Your vote counts... (5:00)

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