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Yemen - eight years ago

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Fake terror "news" from NPR


Eight years ago, few Americans had heard of Yemen.

Even today, it's barely in the news.

The genocidal war against Yemen civilians - persecuted by the Saudis and armed and assisted by the US - started early in the Obama administration.

Eight years ago we heard the early propaganda "drums" of war beating on NPR and made this video.

NPR has lots of lovely shows, but it is underwritten by the US government for one purpose: to be cheerleaders for war.

For example, in the very early run up to the Iraq War when most Americans were still very much against the idea, Kevin Klose, CEO of NPR, went on the road of a "community" speaking tour supporting the idea of invasion.

Make no mistake: NPR never saw a US war of aggression it didn't like.

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