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New-Nazis converge on the Ukraine

Fighting for the Ukraine government


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Wait for the blow back on this one


Fascists, neo-Nazis and racists all over Europe are flocking to the Ukraine to get arms and training to learn how to fight Russians.

Deja vu all over again.

Starting with industrialists in Italy, Germany and the US bankrolling Hitler and Mussolini to fight "the Socialists", there's a long thread in European history of thugs being armed and trained to suppress dissent.

Now it's unfolding in the Eastern Ukraine where junior fascists from all over Europe are joining the battle against Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine.

What's going to happen when these guys go back to Italy, Germany, Belgium etc.

They'll know a lot more about how to kill people and will be integrated into a network of people who believe that might makes right.

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