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Trump Watch


Is Trump a Marxist? (01:49:58)

Jimmy Carter on Trump (00:00)

Putin's claim (18:15)

The dubious friends of Donald Trump (45:45)

The lesser of two evils? (11:02)

The reality of Trump's business life (10:46)

The smart way to deal with Trump and his crooked friends (8:33)

Trump - The Public Record (37:37)

Trump and his gangster friends (09:59)

Trump and the Saudis (00:58)

Trump joins the endless war crowd (21:42)

Trump the businessman (04:20)

What is the meaning of Donald Trump's presidency? (08:08)

What Trump said on 9/11 (02:49)

Why the news media - on both sides - loves Trump (05:48)

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