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How we got Reagan and
how the Bush Family took over America

The October Surprise


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How they got in the White House
and stayed 35 years+


Bush Sr put Reagan in the White House - along with his slimy self.

Very early in the game, there was a failed attempt to kill Reagan and pin it on a "deranged loner." The second part of the equation was successful.

But the elderly Reagan was so weakened by the attack - and was such a lazy, layabout anyway - Bush easily took over the operation of the White House.

That was the first eight years.

Then, of course, the demon himself got four years.

Then came Clinton - the mad bomber of Belgrade, the guy who rewrote the laws regulating Wall Street that set us up for 2008, and the "free trade" Nazi that gutted America's economy. The Bush family jokes that he was the "fourth" Bush brother. No joke. A reality.

(That's another eight years for a total of twenty...)

The eight years of Bush the Idiot who was "elected" TWICE by blatant, in-your-face election fraud. That got us to 28 continuous years of Bush family control.

And now we've got a hip, biracial version of Richard Nixon who never saw a pro-corporate, anti-human law he didn't like. He might as well be a Bush Eight years of this.

And coming up next: Jeb BUSH vs Hilary Clinton BUSH.

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