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The FIRST Gulf War was based on a lie too

Orchestrated by US PR firm


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Like father like son like Obama


The history of the First Gulf War

1. Reagan and Bush sent Saddam Hussein billions of dollars and literally tons of chemical and biological weapons to kill Iranians. (They did a good job. Iran lost over one million people in the Iran-Iraq War.)

2. Kuwait was stealing oil from Iraq using slant drilling rigs they got from their friends in Texas.

3. Iraq told them to cut it out. Kuwait continued. Iraq told the US they planned to invade. US Ambassador told Hussein: "It's none of our business how you resolve this."

4. Iraq invades Kuwait.

5. Bush whips Americans into a frenzy with the lies above.

6. US attacks Iraqi forces, drives them from Kuwait, kills 135,000 of them including thousands as they were in retreat on their own territory - and establishes bases and supply depots all over the region

7. Mass murdering psychopath Bill Clinton spends eight years destroying basic infrastructure in Iraq leading to the death of at least 500,000 children

8. Son of Bush and his cabinet of lying criminals makes the case to invade Iraq.

9. They do so and deliberately botch the post-invasion occupation to degrade the country even further killing many hundreds of thousands more.

10. Hand picked animatron Bushbama continues the occupation, foments violence through out the region, and now threatens to attack Syria.

Deja Vu all over again.

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