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Schools are prisons:


A teacher is accused of encouraging this attack (5:00)

Academic integrity? (05:37)

At this school, children are suspended for using their imagination (2:40)

Children as McDonald's hamburgers? (2:36)

Crayon "gun" overreaction (2:32)

Drugging Kids - The effects (16:26)

Education? (15:00)

Father arrested for objecting to 14 year old daughter being assigned to read porn by school (12:26)

Finland's revolutionary education system (5:26)

How schools punish free-thinking families (2:00)

How schools set kids up to fail (7:14)

Miss USA "Should Math Be Taught In Schools?" (2:15)

More idiocy from the schools (2:39)

Police State coming? (6:10)

Prescription for Tragedy (5:34)

Prison vs. School (5:57)

Response of daughter whose father was arrested at school board meeting (0:42)

School police increasingly arresting American students (7:00)

Schools: The Ultimate Surveillance State (4:37)

Scientific opinion: For sale to the highest bidder (08:31)

Teacher/Bully: How my son was humiliated and tormented by his teacher and aide (17:03)

The case for home schooling (2:23)

The Common Core Curriculum scam (1:01:52)

The Common Core Uber-Scam (1:09:40)

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (12:08)

The drugging of children (3:39)

The Prussian School Model (6:39)

The school system (5:09)

The Thinning (01:23:44)

"There are not really schools any more. They're prisons - without the rights" (5:10)

This state thinks science should be cut from the curriculum (4:05)

This state thinks teaching US history is dangerous (5:05)

Understanding the art of Subversion and Demoralization (1:03:05)

What is REALLY in your hamburger (2:58)

When does this insanity end? (2:01)

Where "Zero Tolerance" leads (6:46)

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