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US police caught in action

Assaulted by cop for not agreeing
to an unwarranted search of his car


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This happens every day of the week all over the country


Saratoga, NY. This happened just a few days ago.

It's a quiet, low crime town in upstate New York. No cop there has to worry about his safety, but apparently people who live and pass through that down have to worry about theirs in their interaction with cops.

What percentage of felonious assaults by police officers are caught on camera this way? Surely the number is far less than 1%.

This crap goes on every day of the week, in every city and town in the US large and small.

Who is on the receiving end of these assaults?

Anyone the police think they can assault and get away with it: the young primarily.

Now the local chief is singing the blues about this "terrible" officer and how this behavior is not tolerated on his force.


The cop wasn't threatened or even particularly aggravated. He was obviously working out a well practiced routine that he and his scumbag partner have run dozens if not hundreds of times: Threaten, assault, take the keys and search the car.

The only difference is this time they got filmed.

Everyone on that force including the Sheriff had to know what this guy was. I'm sure he bragged about his beat downs back at the precinct. They let him on the force and they let him stay on the force and that in a nutshell describes the problem with police in the US. They "protect" their own - even if their own are assaulting citizens at traffic stops.

As an experienced defense attorney once told me: "Just assume the police you deal with have the same mentality as rabid dogs and you might get out of the encounter OK."

Another one had to add this: "If they knock you down, get your head under your car so they can't stomp on it so at least you'll avoid brain damage."

This advice did not come from "crazy" conspiracy theorists, but suited officers of the court who see and deal with the consequences of police misconduct as part of their everyday duties.

Update: The thug will be charged with harassment - not assault. He was given the option to quit which preserves his pension. In other words: no consequences.

You can write directly to the head of this band of thugs here: https://www.facebook.com/saratogacountysheriff

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