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SWAT team throws flash grenade in playpen

18 month old in burn unit


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"We'e going to double question next time"


Based on the account of a confidential informant some steroid-pumped SWAT morons raided a home at 2 AM in the morning.

No knock of course.

Something was in the way of the door so, hey, what the heck, they threw a grenade into the house.

"Kids? We didn't know there were kids in there."

I guess that makes you unintentional Nazis then.

When are people going to demand that these cowardly, no-knock, middle-of-the-night thuggish raids based on zero or close to zero police work stop.

You didn't know there were kids in the house?

Then what the *&^% did you know about the place you were raiding? Are you police officers or @hole frat boys?

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