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NYC Mayor Bloomberg
endorses and orders this

Federal Judge says: "Cut it out!"


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Michael Bloomberg's New York


Remember the POS who couldn't get food, power and heat to tens of thousands of New Yorkers after Sandy - and lied about it constantly?

The same guy who travels around the country telling private cities they can't own firearms...

Michael Bloomberg the "stop and frisk" mayor too. This kind of programmatic harassment of citizens has exploded since he became mayor and like all evil deeds it's done in the dark.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Shira Scheindlin just issued a ruling: "It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL"

Thank you Judge Scheindlin for bringing some decency back to New York.

Share this video with your anti-gun hysteria friends and let them know that this criminal in a suit, Michael Bloomberg, is a leading advocate for taking away the means for self defense from law abiding citizens.

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