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Cowardly NYPD lets thugs rule the road

Not road rage, organized attack


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Ray Kelly looks the other way


The reporting on this is disgraceful. (What else is new?)

This was not a "road rage" incident.

For many months now, a gang of motorcycle thugs has had completely free run of New York City streets.

I've personally observed them three different times since June in three different locations.

They speed, they run in and out of traffic, the blow through red lights, they menace drivers and pedestrians alike.

And what has the legendary NYPD done about it?

You know...the force that's so good a beating down non-violent demonstrators and providing cover for Napoleon "Little Caesar" Bloomberg and his friends.

They've done absolutely nothing.

Now the excuses are coming out...

"It's too dangerous to go after them..." "They don't pull over when ordered." I kid you not. These are exact quotes.

Ray Kelly, the genius lawman claims to be protecting New York City from terrorism (an operation with a multi-billion dollar graft-ridden price tag), and he can't even break up a wide open, in-your-face motorcycle gang.

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

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