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Challenge a cop's BS with a camera?

Have Homeland Security called on you


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Apparently an Amtrak cop (i.e. a Fed)


A Rhode Island resident was in Philly for a technical conference. While aiting for a friend, a police officer noticed that she was parked in the wrong direction at the Amtrak 30th St. drop off.

Not satisfied with just giving her a ticket, the cop became verbally abusive. Perhaps he was agitated at being filmed, or enraged at the audacity of a person who dared to say the street signage was poor.

The cop had enough and radioed in a “hostile vehicle” call, which prompted eight other officers, a K-9 unit and Homeland Security to arrive.

What the Philly cop really broadcast is he encountered terrorists and possible explosives inside a car!

There are numerous 'Hostile Vehicle Mitigation' references on the web but it's mostly a European term [UK], there doesn't seem to be any official American police definition as of now. Keep in mind EVERYTHING that happen in the UK eventually makes it's way into US policing.

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