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22.4% of Vancouver's
budget goes to police

O Canada


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Career opportunities in citizen abuse


Spending on police in Canada is up 40% in the last ten years as crime steadily declines.

In some cities, Vancouver for example, things are out of control - in more ways than one.

In contrast, Toronto spends just 9.7% of its budget on police, Montreal 13.9%, Edmonton 13.9%, and Ottawa just 9.9% (according to an article in the Globe and Mail.)

Oh and for Canadians coming home and Americans coming to visit, you'll be happy to know that Canadian border personnel are getting training from US Homeland Security in the fine art of purposeless and abusive searches of random travelers.

On a somewhat related note...did you know that Lockheed Martin - the company that receives $1 out of every $14 the Pentagon spends - makes money training and certifying TSA screeners.

They're also involved in surveillance and information processing for the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA and the Pentagon.

Do you think Lockheed Martin might be motivated to keep the US in a perpetual state of war?

Keeping people in line is big business.

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