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1.6 Billion rounds plus 2,700 hundred of these

Instead of being ashamed, they're bragging


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Promo from Homeland Security


Yes, they're out of their minds.

And we're out of our minds for tolerating it.

The pattern could not be clearer:

1. The President - supposedly a Constitutional lawyer - demands the right to be able murder US citizens on US soil without charges, evidence presented in court, or a conviction.

2. Federal agencies who barely have a need for ammunition buy 1.6 BILLION rounds of highly lethal hollow point and sniper bullets. In contrast, even at the height of the Iraq War, the US Army used less than 100 million rounds a year.

3. Homeland Security is getting 2,700 armored personnel carriers

4. Surveillance of private citizens for reasons undisclosed has grown exponentially

5. The Bill of Rights, including the right to bear arms, is disrespected daily by police, news commentators and of all the vermin that occupies Washington DC.

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