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The Pentagon, the Mafia, and the Nazis

The history of America's WW II catastrophe


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Decades of corruption


America has taken a lot of wrong turns, but probably the worst one took place during and after World War II.

Catastrophe #1: The Pentagon (in particular military intelligence) allied itself with the Mafia both at home and in Italy, breathing fresh life and giving expanded powers to a group of thugs who previously were contained to low level drug dealing, gambling and prostitution.

Catastrophe #2:The creation and immediate perversion of the CIA. The CIA was intended to be an intelligence gathering organizations, not a war-making, government subverting, assassination and torture promoting organization.

Truman signed it into power (the NSA too) and Eisenhower let it run wild while he played golf. Kennedy tried to stop it and was shot in the head in broad daylight in the middle what can only be described as a "convention" of covert ops veterans in Dallas.

Catastrophe #3:Collaboration with the Nazis before, during and after World War II. Ford, Dupont, GM, Standard Oil and other US corporations armed the Nazis before - and in some cases even during (!) - the war.

After the way, a veritable flood of Nazis were brought into the US by the Dulles brothers (who employed a young Richard Nixon to scrub their records) and placed in NASA, the CIA and other key positions in the US government.

One family - at the center of this evil - the Bush family has controlled the White House continuously since 1980.

1981 - 1988 George Bush controlled the senile Ronald Reagan
1989 - 1994 - George Bush Presidet
1995 - 2000 - Bill Clinton "the fourth Bush brother" by his and the family's own admission
2001 - 2008 - George Bush Jr - the 9/ll president responsible for the death of over 1 million innocent civilians in Iraq and elsewhere
2009 - Present - Barack Obama - "Bushbama" who has extended and expanded every Bush family policy to obscene levels

Is it any wonder the country is so screwed up?

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