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The government since 1981 and beyond

Bush Jr. "Hilary is my sister-in-law"


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The scary truth


In previous articles we've point this out, but it can never be said too often.

Since Jimmy Carter (who had his faults), the White House has been effectively controlled by or in tight sympathy with the Bush family.

Recall that Reagan was shot very early in his first term and though he survived he was greatly weakened psychologically and physically. In his last years in the White House it's been acknowledged that he was clinically senile.

So who was actually running things like Iran-Contra and "Continuity of Government" schemes and paving the way for the Savings and Loan disaster? That would be George Bush Sr.

So 1981 to 1989 is covered.

Bush, of course, was in from 1989 to 1993.

Who came in in 1993 and ran to 2001?

Bill Clinton who Bush Jr calls a "brother from another mother."

What did Clinton do in office? He dismantled Wall Street regulations, bombed Iraq incessantly, and waged a totally illegal war in Yugoslavia.

Who followed Clinton?

Bush Jr from 2001 to 2009.

And who has been in since 2009?

Barack Hussein Obama who has let the Wall Street fraud run without limit, has continued the aggressive policies started by Bush Sr, has shredded civil rights, armed and empowered local police and federal snoops more than any president in history, and has run interference against anyone who wants to get to the bottom of crimes committed by Bush Jr & Friends (torture, war crimes etc)

I don't know exactly what hooks Bush & Co. has into Obama, but it's clear, he is fully in their camp.

So who is up next?

How about Jeb Bush - yes, they are serious and they have the money to pay off the epically corrupt Republican party to swallow it - and Hilary Clinton who, to bring this full circle, Bush Jr calls his "sister-in-law.:

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