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Second shooter at the Mandalay?

Go to 30 seconds


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Look at the middle of the frame at 30 Second Point


Second shooter at the Mandalay?

Go to the 30 second point and listen for this:

"It seems like it's coming from up there"

(Look up to the middle of the frame.)

"Oh shit."

Flashing lights synched with sound of gunfire filmed from a very low level floor by a taxi driver.

What was that?

Another question:

Where is the security camera footage of Stephen Paddock bringing TWENTY-THREE guns into the hotel?

This video should exist.

If it happened the way they said it happened, it should clearly show the alleged shooter bringing tons of suitcases and/or bags to his room either all at once or over several trips.

The fact that is has not been shown or even mentioned is highly suspicious.

Also, how on earth did he hide all these guns and ammo from the house cleaners?


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