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Our allies in Yugoslavia

We backed these guys
against the government of Yugoslave


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KLA: Drug traffickers, murders and US allies


We reported on this story back in the 1990s when it was all happening.


It was some of the best in-depth reporting and analysis of the US/NATO assault on Yugoslavia - and it was totally ignored while the rest of the country Left and Right cheered criminal Bill Clinton's bombing of civilian targets in Belgrade.

And don't forget TV talking head former NATO commander Wesley Clark who told Yugoslavian citizens if they dared to protest the bombings their demonstration sites would become military targets.

The KLA was a known criminal/terrorist organization long before they started the "liberation of Kosovo." They were known drug traffickers, blackmailers, and terrorists. They had connections to Osama bin Laden & Co.

But since the KLA was doing what we wanted - undermine a sovereign country we wanted to eliminate - we supported them.

What happened in Yugoslavia happened for the same reason the Ukraine is now in turmoil. The criminal US government wants to undermine Russian allies

I wish the Russians were better propagandists. They're doing a piss poor job of exposing what the US is going in the region.

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