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Filippo Brunelleschi

A great mind from the Renaissance


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Born 1377 Died 1446 AD


Another great show by Hank Green.

Filippo Brunelleschi...Renaissance artist and architect.

He invented:

1. Basic engineering that we still use today (reverse gears and sky cranes)
2. The idea of workplace safety
3. Linear erspective in art which made art as we know it today possible (read that again for emphasis!)

This is what can happen when the genius of people is allowed to flower.

If you've ever been to Florence, Italy you've seen some of his handiwork including the contraction described in this piece: The Duomo of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore.

Interesting: The Pantheon in Rome which Brunelleschi studied is still the biggest unreinforced dome on earth and it's nearly 2,000 years old.

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