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"It doesn't add up"

The incredible shrinking story


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Lee Harvey Oswald: Now a quiet Muslim couple


The classic template for "lone nut" killers was Lee Harvey Oswald.

#1. First, no one has a clue who who committed the crime. The shooter(s) got away cleanly.

#2. Then, suddenly it became certain it was Oswald...but according to what?

#3. Then, he ended up dead.

# 4. Next, mountains of "evidence" were manufactured to explain his "motivations."

# 5. Finally, it was learned he had government affiliations.

We're at Stage #4 when it comes to the San Bernardino "shooters"

Here's the big question:

How could there be ZERO surveillance footage from this highly trafficked Center or from any one of the dozens of traffic cameras on the route the shooters car took?

How did a 90 pound woman with no combat training suddenly became a tall, powerfully built white man with fully formed combat skills. (That was the originally eye witness account: THREE tall, heavy set people did the shooting.)

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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