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Going in Circles

How to create the illusion of a crowd


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An obvious Sandy Hook fabrication


Someone forgot to ban news helicopters from flying over the Sandy Hook firehouse the day of 12/14/12.

We were only supposed to see things from the ground level (through the helpful filter of the news media.)

What they wanted us to see: a jumble of emergency vehicles and lots and lots of people at the firehouse.

Instead we saw this.

How on earth do you explain people walking round and round in circles at the firehouse, doing nothing and not communicating (except scolding a photographer who was taking pictures), and walking into and out of the building over and over again from different entrances and exits?

One of the aimless zombies who spent a lot of time in this crowd: Gene Rosen.

Remember him? He's the bizarro clown who claimed - over and over and over again using the same words each time - that children who escaped the shooting showed up on his front lawn after the shooting.

No child involved in this incident has ever given a coherent eye witness account to this event and the ONLY evidence that any children who escaped it saw it comes from Gene Rosen who was put in front of news cameras over and over and over again with the same implausible, yet highly emotionally-charged story.

This thing stinks to the high heavens.

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