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Does Torture Actually Work?

Only if you're a sadist


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The science behind torture - or lack thereof


The US is one of the few countries that still practices torture despite international laws against it.

The justification is always “national security”, but what does torture really accomplish?

If we’re trying to extract information, we’ve made a horrible mistake. The stress induced by stress may just make the truth less likely to surface.

So what is the real goal of torture then?

It's twofold:

1. To provide gratification for sadists.

2. To terrorize people at home and abroad

As we've reported for many years now, since the post WW II ascendence of the Security State torture has become as American as apple pie. The US spent millions with the help of leading universities in the 50s and 60s perfecting techniques and then exported its know how to criminal regimes all over the world.

The Vietnam War under the Phoenix program was massive laboratory for torture.

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