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"Obey" (51:47)

A Very Heavy Agenda (50:03)

About those 'deep' BBC documentaries (2:58)

An atrocity in paradise (56:40)

Behind the curtain (54:19)

Beyond disability (02:14)

Bitter chocolate (46:32)

Can rice be more evolved than humans? (52:17)

Contested Election - 2000 (42:20)

"Disturbing the Peace" (02:32)

Documentary: "The True History of Marijuana" (01:17:35)

Documentary: Freedom to Fascism (1:51:41)

Elections in America (01:36:37)

"Free for All" (01:36:37)

Full movie: "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" (1:45:00)

Has the web we love been turned against us? (58:58)

Healing in a most unexpected place (28:39)

"Hearts and Minds" (01:52:02)

Kill the messenger (52:05)

Killing ourselves with corn (1:20:16)

"Lies my teacher told me" (57:03)

Magic mushrooms (17:00)

"Mining" water (1:03:57)

Modern day gunslingers in Afghanistan (45:19)

Scented poisons (34:14)

The 70's hero activists who stuck it to the criminal FBI (1:53:39)

The biggest military aid deal in history (22:32)

The mind of endless war (28:58)

The New American Century (01:36:45)

The sad fact of honor killings (26:34)

The tasers "non-lethal" scam (06:57)

"Toxic Sludge is Good for You" (01:09:32)

"Trace Amounts" (2:13:11)

What ended the Vietnam War? (49:27)

What happened to the Mound Builders? (47:54)

When civilizations collapse (01:10:18)

Why the West rules - for now (01:03:21)

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