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The real story of gun control in America

The laws started out anti-black


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Self-Defense: The first human right


There were three waves of "weapon control" laws during US history.

The first wave was during slavery. Obviously blacks, who were also not permitted to learn to read and write, were prohibited from having firearms.

The second wave came after abolition when blacks rightly assumed the role of citizens which gave them the right to own and bear arms. The first anti-gun laws were really "anti-blacks owning guns" laws.

The third wave of anti guns laws came in the 1960s. Blacks were using fire arms to defend themselves from predators like the Klan.

Also, the Black Panthers decided to take advantage of California's then-gun friendly climate and visited the State Capital armed and demonstrate that they had the means to defend themselves from what we now know was a program of FBI-facilitated assassination of black leaders.

So if you are someone who is panicked by the idea of citizens owning firearms for the purposes of defending themselves, remember this history: slaves aren't entitled to this right and people the government intended to control and oppress aren't either.

So do you really want to join the hysterical bandwagon because of an event that for all we know was staged by government forces?

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