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What real doctors have to go through

The attacks are real - and serious


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Death threats, harassment, psycho-troll attacks


This is Dietrich Klinghardt Ph.D, MD, practicing physician in the US, UK and Switzerland and medical researcher with over 40 years experience.

There are two kinds of doctors:

Doctor type #1 - Doctors who care about what they're doing

These are the doctors who don't take bribes, never stop learning and researching, and literally dedicate their lives to their patients and humanity at large. These are the rare doctors.

Doctor type #2 - Doctors who are happy to be workers on the Big Pharma assembly line

They like the free trips to Hawaii, the outright bribes, the bonuses for over-prescribing and any other way they can get the maximum return on rendering absolutely minimal and uninspired service. If the Big Pharma "standard of care" leads to the disability and death of their patients, they've onboard as long as they don't get hassled.

That's the typical doctor.

Guess which kind of doctor gets persecuted by the FDA or the garbage equivalent in the UK and other companies poisoned by Big Pharma?

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