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Monsanto's Roundup is on everything

How and what do to about it


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MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Steff


Monstanto's Roundup (technical term: glyphostate) is on EVERYTHING.

Including milk, bread, wine, fruit and all kinds of things you'd never expect.

Roundup was originally designed to spray on corn and soybeans to kill weeds.

Then farmers got the bright idea to spray it on wheat and other crops to dry them out to make it easier and cheaper to harvest.

Cows are fed hay that's been sprayed and it goes into the meat and milk.

Tobacco (another reason not to smoke) and cotton also have it. (Please read labels and stop eating anything that has cottonseed oil in it!)

It's every been found in organic wine because the water used to irrigate it has been contaminated by glyphostate sprayed elsewhere.

The suggested emedy:

1. Stop buying junk food and spend the extra money to get organic or locally grown produce including garlic, dark green vegetables, and the cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower

2. Eat a high cholesterol diet - organic eggs, bone both from organically grown meat, clean seafood (not farmed!) (info around the 40:00 minute point)

3. Get as much natural sunlight as possible to create Vitamin D.

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