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Banning freedom:


21 years in prison for filming (5:21)

Americans love war (05:48)

Border patrol nowhere near the border (5:04)

Burning down the seed libraries (17:41)

Cameras everywhere (5:26)

China's top dirty cop (05:43)

Concentration camps for children in the US (05:34)

Desperate sheriffs sue over marijuana state laws (4:02)

Escaping Scientology (47:39)

Federal horse thieves (Part One) (00:08:11)

First Wikileaks, then the New York Times (08:11)

Going To Jail For Growing Food? (02:16)

Google is attacking alternative news (04:50)

GOP takes away your privacy (09:47)

Grandpa Fined (02:00)

Gun confiscation reality check (00:05:04)

Here comes the YouTube clamp down (09:31)

How Apple helps police hide brutality (3:36)

How Capitalism has been Sovietized (25:41)

How the "Deep State" works (25:34)

Illegal to grow food? (02:24)

Information Wants To Be Free (00:06:28)

Inside a Palestinian refugee camp (30:21)

Major changes to the official Las Vegas timeline (29:25)

Malcolm X Day (05:30)

Marine veteran detained for posting about 'conspiracies' on Facebook (7:44)

Miss USA "Should Math Be Taught In Schools?" (2:15)

New police toys (27:47)

Obama's war on democracy (16:39)

Professor fired for questioning Sandy Hook (24:52)

Security over freedom (14:27)

Shutting down news on YouTube (21:54)

Smile or Die (10:23)

Spread out the documents - or die (06:57)

Tell the truth, go to jail (41:23)

The dark side of social media (15:57)

The film: "Django Unchained" (15:02)

The Military Industrial Surveillance Complex (07:18)

The San Bernardino Spectacle and how the Israelis handle guns and terrorism (from 10/15) (00:42)

The secret principles of transparency (2:25)

"The Thistle and the Drone" (04:32)

"The world has changed" (01:50)

These are not the drones you're looking for (1:50)

Too poor to purchase freedom (26:01)

Total invasion of the privacy of every person on the planet (53:18)

UK internet witch hunt (3:50)

Update: Marine vet kidnapped by FBI released (6:30)

"We are involved in a battle for our lives" (08:51)

When the unreal becomes the normal (07:43)

Where are all the subscribers going? (00:54)

Where does freedom come from? (19:33)

Why doctors are more dangerous than guns (5:57)

Why privacy matters (06:14)

Will Brasscheck TV survive to 2018? (15:31)

Wireless sabotage of cars (05:07)

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