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How to use the "Assignments" page

The instructions supersede instructions
on the assignments page

The "Assignments" Page

The purpose of the Assignments Page is to serve as a place Brasscheck writers can go to find videos that need writing about.

Please read these instructions before you log on.

How to use it

1. Log in (Log in info below)

2. Check out the videos and see if any strike your fancy

3. If you see one that you want to write up, enter the date and your initials and press SAVE

4. The "One at a Time" Rule: Please check out ONLY ONE video at a time

5. The "Same Day" Rule: Please check out a video only if you are prepared to write it up and mail it to the editor the same day.

The editor - for the time being - is:

order AT amacord DOT COM

(The above is an email address disguised to thwart spambots.)

Thanks for your help!


Here's the link: http://brasschecktv.com/assignments

Here's the current password (as of 10/25/2015): weservethetruth

Please safeguard it

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"

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