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Brasscheck needs writers

Contribute to one of the Internet's oldest truth telling services
Please read carefully if interested

Would you like to contribute to Brasscheck?

If so, we could really use your help.

Can you commit to writing text for at least five video pages for Brasscheck each month? This means writing text for the video pages we promote each day.

You don't need to know anything technical. You'll submit your writing via email.

You don't have to be a great writer. All we need is a title, a subtitle, a caption and 50 words or more about the video.

What you do have to be is someone who is: 1) a quick study, 2) can follow simple directions and 3) is totally reliable.

I need subscribers who care about getting out the real news to help lighten my writing load so that I can focus on finding videos, producing original content and helping Brasscheck grow so that it can survive - and maybe even thrive.

Initially, you will be given the videos to write about. Later, you might be entrusted to find your own.

I assume you're an active subscriber so you already know our format and style. If not, and you want to participate, please familiarize yourself with it. We don't have time to train people in the obvious.

Please be aware that we are not advocates for any "causes", movements, politicians or political parties so please do not look at this as a platform to advance a personal agenda.

Our mission is stated here. If you would like to volunteer, please make sure you are thoroughly familiar with it and are in agreement with it. Brasscheck's Mission

If you're interested, please take one of our video pages (any one, it does not matter) and rewrite the headlines and text and send that and the link for the video to us using the following format


Instructions on how to submit your test assignment

Please read carefully and follow the instructions exactly

The simple format below is the format we need to receive your test assignment in.


Link: Put the URL for the page being reviewed here

Title: Write a catchy title for the page
Subtitle: Write a subtitle to accompany the title
Caption: Write a caption that will appear beneath the video

Text: 50 words or more about the video. Just write a summary or synopsis of what the video is about. Commentary is fine but it should primarily be about what the video is about.

Send your test assignment to this email address:



These are the only instructions you will receive.

If you need more directions than this, perhaps this is not for you.

We've found from abundant experience that people who don't "get" it right away, never get it and no amount of additional training helps.

If you're familiar with our work, it should be a simple matter to get in step and be productive right away.

Note well: The test assignment you submit MUST be entirely original. DO NOT copy and paste it from any other source.

Thank you for your interest!

- Brasscheck

P.S. Could this lead to paid work?


If you are extraordinarily productive and reliable (as well as being easy to work with.) However, be advised, the pay, by necessity, will be low so please view this as an opportunity for earning extra income, not income you could expect to support yourself with.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"

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