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TSA spills Grandpa's ashes and laughs

Program length - 02:18


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You Might Think the Only Direction the TSA Can Go Is Up, Part II

by Becky Akers

The TSA’s brute who opened and spilled the container of ashes passenger John Gross was transporting from Florida to his home in Indiana — and then laughed as  Mr. Gross scrambled to pick up “bone fragments” from the floor — has infuriated folks across the country.  It is the scandal du semaine — then again, we're only halfway through the week, and I have every confidence the TSA can top even this horror in the next three days — for the agency right now, the subject of 5 of the 8 “News” “results” my Google Alert on the TSA kicked up. Even the UK’s Daily Mail featured the story. And a friend whose office is too hectic for any other than the most earth-shattering news to penetrate mentioned it when we bumped into each other yesterday. Everyone has heard about it, and everyone is enraged.

Fortunately, the TSA has had plenty of experience infuriating and enraging the serfs who pay its bills. It should be a pro by now at dealing with such absolutely devastating publicity. Judge for yourself how much its boneheads have learned by their response to this atrocity: After babbling about how “TSA recognizes the importance of screening human remains with utmost respect and dignity” — which its goon manifestly did not do — its “statement” continues, “We have been unable to reach the family to learn more about their perspective on the incident [sic for ‘to threaten them with the No-List if they don’t shut up’; good for you, Mr. Gross — keep avoiding these monsters, is my advice], however, our initial review concluded that the circumstances as described in some reports are inconsistent with what we believe transpired.”

So in addition to the savage abuse Mr. Gross suffered at the checkpoint, the TSA now smears him as a liar. This from professional, serial, psychopathic, utterly-incapable-of-telling-the-truth liars.

Meanwhile, the reason “TSA policy” commands “that under no circumstance should a container holding remains be opened” is because it’s against the law. Departments of “health” forbid it. So Mr. Gross may have the last laugh on his cachinnating dimwit after all if cops arrest her for violating state or local regs — just as they have arrested her colleagues for such other examples of lawbreaking as theft. (No, I’m not endorsing the “health” dictators or their regs, just pointing out that Dimwit committed a crime as Leviathan defines it.)

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