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TSA Christmas

Program length - 03:03


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Song by Roxi Copeland


"I flew to San Francisco a week ago and found myself having a disconcertingly intimate experience with the good folks at TSA. Since I'm anticipating the same overly exuberant greeting at Christmas, I thought I'd write this little ditty about it."

- Roxi Copeland

Brasscheck commentary:

How do you induce the shameless to have shame?

I don't know, but there is no reason to ever stop trying.

Unlike the lying scum that controls the US news media, the Zogby Poll reports that nearly half of Americans oppose the use of body scanners and sexual assault as conditions for flying and are actively seeking other forms of transportation.

In a recent report, fellow air travelers reported "feeling safer" after watching woman thrown to the ground, handcuffed and dragged away for refusing to submit to TSA sexual assault...

To all the people who support what the TSA is doing, please unsubscribe. Now. You make me sick.


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