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Stop flying until they stop molesting

Where will "right to molest" end?


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Cartoons to the rescue


You know that you're living strange times when an animated cartoon makes more sense that the talking heads in the media.

The US news media, including NPR, is doing everything it can to "normalize" the idea of uniformed federal agents being told they have the right to put their hands on the genitals of any man, woman or CHILD who wants to board a commercial passenger aircraft.

(Private jet passengers face no such indignities. They don't even have to pass through security!)

This "right to molest" will soon be extended to trains, buses, boats, and even travel on public roadways. The TSA - in its twisted institutional mind - thinks it controls EVERY mode of transportation. From there, it's a straight line to government buildings, courthouses and while we're at it why not schools, day care and hospitals too?

And what's a traffic stop on a deserted road without a quick feel of the female driver and her kids to make sure "everyone's safe?"

These abusive TSA practices are paving the way for this and don't think the social engineers who cooked them up don't know it.

For the most part the media applauds...

One particularly odious little creep, Alan Chartock of WAMC radio in Albany, NY (an NPR affiliate), spent the bulk of his call-in show today (11/16/10) ridiculing people who expressed concerns and cheerleading the morons who think the new "security measures" are a good idea and necessary.

No security expert who is not in the employ of Homeland Security or its countless vendors (actual or wannabe) thinks these abusive practices contribute to public safety in the least.

Stop flying unti this bullshit stops

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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