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Investigate Michael Chertoff
for fraud and corruption

Chertoff ordered the full-body scanners
when he was Homeland Security head
Now he profits from them

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Rep John Duncan, Tennessee stands up
against government corruption

Michael Chertoff supervised the "relief efforts" in New Orleans after the levee failures.

He managed the investigation of 9/11.

Now he's helping railroad the full-body X-ray machines he ordered BEFORE the so-called "underwear bomber" incident into US airports - and getting paid for it.

He needs to see the inside of a courtroom and, if there is justice, a jail cell too.

Who is responsible for this travesty?

1. Michael Chertoff for reasons stated above
2. John Pistole - Head of the TSA
3. Janet Napolitano - Head of Homeland Security
4. Barack Obama (ak Barry Soetoro) - Napolitano's boss
5. Every US Congressperson who has not personally gone on record to defend Americans and other US travels from these assaults

Hats off to Representative Duncan for being a lone voice speaking on behalf of travelers, civil rights, and basic sanity.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"

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